THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO PLAY. With the first tickle of tiny toes we introduce our children to play. As they accumulate stuffed animals, blocks, puzzles, Lego and video games, play (as well as the toy chest) expands. Your child starts by exploring simple objects, but one day soon after that he’s a superhero, a master of board games, and then a champion at street hockey-all the while incorporating physical, social, language and problem solving skills!

Your Toddler and Play

Sometime around their second year, toddlers begin what we usually think of as play-they learn the great fun of pretend. Perhaps they’ll pretend to be asleep pr to drink from an empty glass. Over the next months their pretending games become more elaborate and involve more objects. a stuffed animal may be “put to bed” and covered with a blanket. A dump truck may get loaded with blocks.

Toddlers, of course, are famous for their independence, and may insist on following their own agenda. During Kindermusik, they may be more interested in exploring the room than in participating in the activities, particularly if this is their first structured group experience. Even when they’re wandering, toddlers are still feeling the rhythms of the songs and hearing the lyrics. After several sessions they’ll become familiar with the class routines-routines are the lifeblood of toddlerhood -and they’ll be more eager to join in the fun.

Your Preschooler and Play

The preschool years are the golden age of play. Rather than playing side by side as toddlers do, preschoolers begin to play with each other. They can jointly plan an activity and take turns (usually). They can understand that there are rules that govern and organize play. Some can even master the rules of simple board games like our favourite cooperative games by Peaceable Kingdom.

Most preschoolers will be able to participate independently in Kindermusik activities. They will learn the words and motions, understand the games, and respond to their parents and Kindermusik educators questions. You will help your preschooler enjoy Kindermusik even more by talking with him/her before each lesson begins about what might happen in class and then reviewing the great fun they’ve had during the ride home.

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